Pro spectate

  1. Requirements

    1. LoL client must be installed.
    2. Cannot spectate on mobile devices as they cannot install the LoL client.
    3. If you are using Firefox, change the name of the file before you download because Firefox cannot download .bat files, or you can useGoogle Chrome.
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  2. When you receive an error message saying the file may be harmful to your computer.

    • If you are using either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, you will automatically receive a message as a result of downloading a ".bat" file. This file does not contain any virus or malware and can be executed safely by following the step-by-step instructions provided below.
    • If you are using Google Chrome, clicking the arrow on the right will begin the download process.
    • When using Internet Explorer, press the 'Advance' button to continue downloading.
    • If you are using Internet Explorer on Windows 8, click on Additional Information to begin downloading.
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  3. When you experience a bug related error.

    • This is most likely a LoL client error. Delete then reinstall your LoL client.
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  4. League of legend.exe file can not be found.

    1. Right click on the LoL shortcut, then click on properties.
    2. Copy the location in the “Start in:” column of the shortcut tab.
    3. Click the button and paste.
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  5. When you receive a "failed to create dump file: (error3)" message while spectating.

    • Delete then reinstall your LoL client.
    • A hard, complicated way (Can solve quickly)
      1. It goes to the folder where LOL is installed.
      2. In that folder, locate the 'rads' folder and change the name to 'RADS'. Make sure all the letters are capitalized. If the name does not change, first change it to RADS_ then back to RADS.
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  6. if the filename extension of your file is not .bat

    1. Rename your file with .bat at the end.
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  7. When the file won’t open.

    • Method 1
      1. Right click ->Open with-> Choose program-> Type C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe -> OK
    • Method 2
      1. Delete AhnLab Siteguard if it is installed.
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  8. When you experience an unknown error when opening the file.

    1. After downloading, do not click "Run," but rather click "Save" and then open the file.
    2. Right-click on the spectator file and select "Run as admin."
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  9. When your screen goes black and there is no progress.

    • If the match you're trying to watch is an old match, the LoL client may not be able to run the file due to client patches. LoL client patches may have changed certain features causing older replays to no longer work.
    • OP.GG's playback server may be experiencing some difficulties. These errors are usually resolved in a few hours.
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