About OP.GG

OP.GG is a collective of passionate gamers that strive to create
the best values and provide gamers with the best experience.

Our Story

Starting out as a League of Legends stats search engine in 2012, we have now grown into a global gaming platform that provides meaningful data that drives inspiration and a user-friendly experience. Our progress was made possible through the support and encouragement of our users. To repay our users for the passion they have shown us, we will continue to research and boldly challenge ourselves so that we are able to provide all gamers, from casuals to veterans, with an exciting and enjoyable environment.

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5 Continents and Over 23 Different Languages

We are moving towards a bigger world to reach gamers from over 170 countries.


How we work

  • Maximum Efficiency

    We provide employees with full workplace autonomy where they have the freedom to choose and create a working environment that best suits them.

  • Growth and Achievements

    We provide a limitless support system to help every individual employee achieve personal growth. We provide several benefits that support employees outside of work so they can focus on work in a pleasant environment without being disturbed by external factors.

  • Flexible Culture and Rational Thinking

    By removing unnecessary formalities and practices, we strive for a flexible culture and encourage candid communication.

  • Gaming as an Identity and Core Capability

    We believe in the positive influence and limitless potential of games. We provide employees with the opportunity and resources to experience a wide variety of games so that they may gain insight and inspiration.

How We Create Our Services

  • OP.GG is Created for Gamers, by Gamers

    The team at OP. GG are full of hardcore gamers. We enjoy all kinds of games across all platforms. We understand what gamers need and what they want at their very cores, and we are creating a platform where they can express their gaming prowess and experience.

  • Ultimate Simplicity

    We strive to create the optimal interface and user experience so that the values we create can contribute to the gaming environment.

  • Broad Insights

    We communicate with a variety of industry partners such as esports officials, professional players, and data analysts, so that we can provide diverse experiences through different perspectives.

  • Challenging Ourselves

    We constantly think about new ideas and endlessly challenge ourselves to provide gamers with the best experience.